Translation quality

We are looking for the following translation quality.

6. There can be many translations for a single phrase. However, there is no right or wrong translation. What's important is to maintain consistency throughout the translation process. For instance, let's say we're translating "Add to-do list" into Polish. If our previous translations of 'New to-do list' and 'Save to-do list' utilized 'listę zadań' for 'to-do list,' please continue using 'listę zadań' for all new translations.

Translators required

If you wish to use WeNote in your language, you may help us to translate. 

Please contact me ( first, before you decide to contribute.

We will give you Combo feature for FREE 🎁, if you help to translate WeNote.

Currently, WeNote requires 58 different languages. Even if your language has been translated 100%, you still can help us to improve the existing translation quality.

Thank you.


We express our highest gratitude to the following contributors, who help to translate WeNote into multiple languages.

Last updated February 19, 2021