Can I install WeNote in SD card?


The reason is that, reminder and home widget will not work if WeNote is installed in SD card. For more technical information, please refer to https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/data/install-location#ShouldNot

Can I use fingerprint to lock notes?

First, you need to choose PIN, pattern or password as lock type. Fingerprint feature will available automatically, if you have configured fingerprint on your device. There will be a small fingerprint icon displayed on the top right of lock screen dialog.

Does one-time Combo in-app purchase item include future premium features?

As a token of appreciation to the early purchasers of one-time Combo in-app purchase item, Combo will include almost all future premium features.

However, this does not include a few selected future premium features. For instance, we plan to provide alternative cloud server storage solution, to exchange data with iOS version of WeNote. Every month, we need to pay for cloud server storage. Such premium feature will not fall under Combo in-app purchase item category.

Advantage of purchasing Combo in-app purchase item

  1. Enjoy up to 50% discount, compared with purchasing individual in-app purchase items separately.
  2. Lock down the early purchasing price before it goes up. In the future, we will include more premium features, which in turn will cause the price to go up.

Does WeNote sync with Google Calendar?

No. WeNote has an independent calendar. It does NOT sync with Google Calendar.

How can I purchase one time in-app item with only $0.99?

  1. Share WeNote download link to others from Shop dialog.
  2. Others click on the download link.
  3. Others redirected to WeNote's Google Play.
  4. Others download WeNote.
  5. Others launch WeNote.
  6. You will gain 1 point for every successful launch.
  7. Once you have gained enough points, you can purchase in-app item with only $0.99.
  8. Due to privacy concern, if you uninstall and reinstall WeNote, your earned point will be reset to 0. This is because we stop tracking you completely once you uninstall WeNote.

How frequent is Auto backup?

Auto backup runs every 1.5 days, whenever there is note modification.

To preserve local disk space, you can change retain backup count in Backup -> Retain Backup. By default, retain backup count is 30.

How to ensure I will not lose my data?

We place heavy emphasis on data reliability. We provide 2 reliable ways, to ensure you will never loss any notes, to-do lists, attachments.

  • Local backup and restore: If you have privacy concern on storing the data in Google Drive, you may use this way to avoid data loss. Backups are removed when WeNote is uninstalled. Users are encouraged to export backup as zip file, and send it to email for safe keeping purpose.

Of course, you may choose to use both ways too.

Is WeNote available for iPhone and Windows?

Currently, WeNote is only available for Android. However, in the near future, we plan to launch WeNote for iPhone, and WeNote for Windows.

What are upcoming features for WeNote?

To know what are upcoming features for WeNote, You may have a glance at our development progress at https://trello.com/b/egVBdrmN/wenote-notes-to-do-lists-reminders-calendar

What differentiates WeNote from other note taking apps?

WeNote has some very unique designs, which are not commonly seen in other note taking apps. They are

  • Integrates with Calendar
  • Use tabs for fast switching between labels
  • No Internet required
  • No login required
  • Password lock to secure note
  • Various color themes
  • Unlimited note colors
  • Stick note to status bar
  • Fast. Really fast
  • No ads

Why auto sync across multiple devices doesn't work?

By default, auto sync only works well for single device. For multiple devices, it requires one-time in-app purchase. After you have purchased "Multi sync" in shop, WeNote will auto sync to multiple devices with same account.

In order to achieve auto sync across multiple devices, we need to setup a 24-hour running auto sync server. We need to cover server monthly running cost, by introducing one-time in-app purchase.

Why does auto sync consume a lot of Internet data?

Auto sync runs every 1.5 hours, whenever there is note modification.

To preserve Internet data quota, you can enable Auto sync only over Wi-Fi in Settings.

Why I can't find any WeNote file in Google Drive after sync to Google Drive?

After sync, the data is stored in Google Drive App Data folder. For security purpose, Google Drive App Data folder is not visible to user.

Why reminder doesn't show up sometimes?

Reminder doesn't work reliably for certain devices. Their over aggressive Battery management mode, have prevent reminder to work in background. Please turn off that "feature", allow WeNote runs in background, if you want reminder to work reliably.

Please read https://dontkillmyapp.com/?3 for solution.

Why sync to Google Drive failed?

These are few things you can try out.

  1. Download and install Google Drive Android app. Launch and log in to Google Drive Android app.
  2. Ensure Google Play Services is update-to-date - https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/9037938
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Disconnect WeNote from Google.
  5. In Settings, log out from Google account, by tapping Google Drive account.
  6. In Settings, tap to sync again.
  7. There are storage quota imposed by Google Drive. Here's what you can do to reduce storage usage.
    • Remove notes with a lot of image attachments.
    • Empty the Trash.
    • Do not choose Original as Attachment quality under Settings. Original attachment quality will consumes large storage space.
  8. You will see "Sync with Google Drive success" message at the bottom of screen. Please note that, even the sync operation is success, you will not find any WeNote file in Google Drive.