What do I do if my Samsung device is experiencing issues when typing?

Some users have experienced issues with the app (Cursor jumping around, page scrolls to the top, ...) while inputting text. This is because of a recent update to Samsung Keyboard that preloads and enables Grammarly. Fortunately, many of these issues can be resolved by disabling Grammarly. You can disable Grammarly by following these steps:

What do I do if I'm still having issues after disabling Grammarly?

Samsung is actively working to resolve all issues associated with their Grammarly integration. However, you will no longer experience any issues if you install a new keyboard for your device. Our recommendation is Google's Keyboard Gboard.

You can download Gboard from the Google Play Store here. Once downloaded and installed, ensure that it is set as your default keyboard. To verify that it is set as your default keyboard, follow these steps: