WeNote Cloud


WeNote Cloud is a cloud storage system designed from the ground up specifically for WeNote. 

We recommend WeNote Cloud over Google Drive, as WeNote Cloud integrates better with WeNote. 

It excels in handling notes with a lot of large-sized attachments.

It is faster, uses fewer Internet data, and uses less battery.

WeNote Cloud is a USD5 per month subscription service. Users may subscribe to the service within the app.

15GB cloud storage

Store large amounts of notes, to-do lists, images, and recordings.

Save data usage

Designed to minimize internet data consumption.

Very fast

Built upon industry-leading cloud provider.

Highly secure

SSL (HTTPS) encryption is used when connecting to the cloud.

Protect your privacy

We charge you a monthly fee. We want to serve you with the highest integrity. We will never sell your data.

Located in Germany

All servers are located in Germany. This means all user data is protected by strict Germany privacy laws.

Account deletion

If you wish to delete your WeNote Cloud account, please send an email with the subject "[YourUsername] WeNote Cloud Account Deletion Request" to wenote.feedback@gmail.com

Replace "[YourUsername]" with your actual WeNote Cloud username when composing the email. 

Upon receiving your request, we will process your account deletion within 7 days.